About Hyba Cosmetics

Hyba Cosmetics was founded on the idea of natural beauty. You are naturally beautiful, and my products are just the finishing touches; quality makeup and self-care products made with love and all natural ingredients.

About the CEO

Hey! My name is Hyba [Hee-bah] and I am in high school. I was born in Canada but I currently live in Atlanta, USA. My hobbies include painting, music, reading, video games and DIY- making. I love to read and watch Harry Potter(#Gryffindor!). In the future, I want to become a veterinarian along with continuing this wonderful business!

Why did I start making my own cosmetics?

I started making my own cosmetics at home because of social media. There was a post on Snapchat most girls in my grade shared, which mentioned that there are ingredients from whale in lip gloss.Apparently, it makes the lip gloss last longer on your lips. I was completely disgusted. I don’t know whether it is true or not, (I mean, It’s social media, what do you expect?) but it made me think twice about all the chemicals and ingredients I can’t even pronounce the lip glosses and other cosmetics I usually buy are made from. The worst thing is that not only do I put them on my lips, but sometimes I accidentally swallow a little bit of it…After tons of research and time Hyba Cosmetics is born.

Why shop Hyba Cosmetics?

Because the only way a beauty product can gain my trust is by making my own; natural and simple, because some companies claim their products are 100% natural, but even 99.9 rounds up to a 100; and every hundredth of a percent counts! It is very important for me to make quality, affordable products for others to enjoy. My brand is based on two ingredients; love and nature!