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Sugar + Vanilla + Roses= Rosadora Lip scrub!

Glossy+ Vanilla + Rose=Rosadora Lip Gloss

Now introducing the Rosadora Lip care bundle!

This is honestly my favorite bundle- it features a sweet rose-infused clear gloss that has a lovely vanilla scent and a soft moisturizing lip scrub. Introducing: Rosadora Lip Gloss and Scrub for the Rosadora bundle! Treat yourself,queen!😍😍

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This bundle consists of two (2) products: Rosadora Lip Gloss and Rosadora Lip Scrub. Available for a discounted price!

Both are untinted meaning that Rosadora applies clear!

They are both vanilla flavored.

All glosses are made with 100% natural ingredients, naturally flavored using essential oils, are vegetarian and are cruelty-free. They are infused with coconut and vitamin E oil which makes them super hydrating while giving the perfect shine. Think of it as a lip balm and gloss in one!

All lip scrubs are made with 100% natural ingredients, are naturally flavored and pigmented, are vegan and are cruelty-free. They are also delicious (yes, you can eat it!) In order to leave lips soft and hydrated, they are infused with natural edible oils like sweet almond and grapefruit.


Lip Scrub:

IngredientsHandmade with love and Granulated Sugar, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil , vegetable glycerin, vanilla essential oils, natural rose petals.

Lip Gloss:

IngredientsHandmade with love and Castor oil, Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Cera Bellina wax, vegetable glycerin, vitamin E oil, real rose petals, vanilla essential oil

1 review for Sweetheart Bundle

  1. Megan

    This bundle is delicious! Both the lip scrub and the lip gloss smell absolutely amazing, and they are also super hydrating! I definitely recommend this bundle 🙂

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